Saturday, April 22, 2017

Surfers Paradise

Jill and I drove a few minutes north of her suburb to for a walk on Surfers Paradise, a well known surfer town along the Gold Coast. I've known of Surfers Paradise for years so am glad to have seen it. Really windy today and the waves were pretty choppy so no surfers out on the water, but the sands were quite similar to Crescent Beach, so I can see why it is called paradise (:

Gold Coast

A visit to the Gold Coast for research and to visit with my good friend Jill who moved here from Wagga last  December. A visit with Jill would never be the same without some a cappella harmony chorus in there somewhere. We attended the final show of a competition of men's and women's a cappella choruses and quartets. My favorite was a quartet where for the last note the lead held the note loud and strong for at least a full minute as the three other guys did their tenor, baritone, and bass up and down harmonies around it. It was impressive.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Now back at the Watson's lovely home on the Sunshine Coast. Walk on the beach this morning, then an afternoon walk in another beach followed by a swim 8n the sea and Morton Bay Bugs and fresh shrimp for lunch. Amazingly delish.
When we went to pick up the daughter from school I thought the school uniforms particularly culturally interesting (: She attends a private school so a little more elaborate than publics, but very Aussie.